Our exchange system allows you to opt and choose the social network you would like to follow, like, visit and skip exchanged networks that you are not curious about. The exchange system is extremely straightforward. each time you volt, follow, or read another members social media pages you are guaranteed to receive volts that then you will be able to use to generate a lot of followers, likes, views or guests to your website or social media pages.

What can you exchange and Boost at VoltSeo.Com?

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A few common asked questions we wish to answer for a best volt seo experience and for the peace of your minds.
  1. We will never sell you social network followers, facebook likes, youtube views or website traffic. We only let you exchange your networks with our other members towards their attention however the possibility of selling volts that will be used as exchange money with our other subscribers to pay their services is always conceivable.

  2. We absolutely respects Twitter's Rules and Facebook's Policies and terms of use. Our service is to allow web community exchanges for sharing purpose

  3. You can be sure that voltseo.com™ will never post tweets into your personal twitter account, status to your facebook one or any one else !

  4. Keep in mind that voltseo.com™ will never ask you to put or send any of your social accounts privacy informations like password or secret question response.