1) What is VoltSeo?

VoltSeo is a powerful SEO tool allowing websites and social networks owners to grow and boost their rank on the web. With VoltSeo you'll get real live traffic and social followers from real people at real time. Our purpose is to help you boosting your network popularity in shorter time with legal means. You are free to either like, follow or watch any of the exchanged networks.

We do not use any automatisation scripts or any of those that forces subscribers to like or follow social networks to get access.

2) What are Volts?

The Volts are the points that you'll earn when you interact with our other network exchangers.

3) How do Volts work?

Volts are earned from other subscribers when you choose to like, follow, visit or view their exchanged content.

With the earned Volts, you can get more followers, likes, views or website visits. All you have to do is to set your payout for the networks you want to promote when adding it into your private area that is your personal space where you can manage your networks by either adding or deleting some of them also by selecting their payout rate.

4) About Earning system?

When you set the Payout rate for your exchanged network you have to note that the other users will earn 1 volt less than what you set so if you choose to pay 10 volts earning for your network will be 9 volts.

5) How to Earn Volts ?

Our earning system is very flixible. You have 4 possible ways to earn Volts.

  1. Earn Your Volts by Interacting With Other Users.

    After logging to your private area, all you have to do is interact with our other exchangers.
    Choose one of the exchanging module on the left side of the page. for example if you choose Twitter you'll get a grid of twitter accounts to tweets or to follow.

    Every Account is listed with the Volts to payed to you if you choose to interact with it by a simple follow, like or tweet.

  2. Earn Your Volts by Buying Them

    Your time is gold ? you can bypass the hassle of spending your precious time of winning Votes by simply buying them at an affordable rate.

    Choose to purchase the plan that suits you here : http://www.voltseo.com/buy.php.

    We accept PayPal and Payza as payment system where you can choose to pay with your credit card

  3. Earn Volts by Referrals

    You can earn Volts for inviting your friends, family or customers to use VoltSeo.

    Check your private area to get your "Referral Link" that you can use to invit exchangers to VoltSeo.

    We Payout 200 Volts for each new signs up to VoltSeo.Com

  4. Earn Volts by Getting a Bonus every 24 Hours.

    A bonus is given to our exchangers every 24 hours.

    You have just to log to your account and to claim your 50 FREE Volts every 24 hours.

    Bonus is 100 Volts every 24 hours for Premium members

6) About Payout system?

The Payout rate is how many volts you choose to spend per follower, like, view or visit.

For example if you choose to pay 10 volts on a Youtube Like then 10 Volts will be subtracted for each Like you will receive.

The higher your Payout rate for the choosen network is the faster you will gain followers, likes, etc.

The lower your Payout rate for the choosen network the slower you will gain followers, likes, etc.

You have all the control of either to stop or not spending your Volts by turning OFF the Payout if you want to pause exchanging your networks.